“It's the Instagram
for Virtual Reality

Optonaut is a free app and works with most VR glasses
Discover, capture and share unique moments and beautiful places just using your phone

It has never been easier to
capture scenes in 3D

  • Super simple recording
  • No additional hardware
  • Stereoscopic 3D images

Discover fascinating places
all around the world

Optonaut gives you an immersive viewing experience and works with most VR glasses

What people love
about Optonaut

“It's amazing! Optonaut is like Instagram but for Virtual Reality.”

We have the answer.

How is it different to other panorama apps?

Optonaut captures scenes in stereoscopic 3D. That means you can look around and get a sense of depth of the scene.

Does Optonaut work with my smartphone?

At the moment we are supporting the iPhone 5 and newer iPhones. Android devices will be supported in the near future as well.

Do I need VR glasses to use Optonaut?

No, while you can also view Optographs without VR glasses we strongly recommend getting some. Luckily recording works without any additional hardware.

Can I also record VR videos?

Not yet, but we are already working on a solution for this. And the best news: The recording process will stay the same.

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