There'll be a billion people
wearing VR glasses

Optonaut works with most phone-based VR headsets.
A phone-based VR headset is basically a little box with lenses, that makes your smartphone’s screen cover your complete field of view. This way you can look around and virtually be anywhere.
The Google Cardboard is probably the most famous phone-based VR headset. It's inexpensive and enables everyone to easily try out this new technology. Mobile-based VR glasses have been the trigger for mainstream adoption of virtual reality.

What we use

To provide you with the best experience possible, we have teamed up with I AM CARDBOARD, the largest and most experienced cardboard manufacturer in the world. I AM CARDBOARD does not only produce high-quality VR headsets, but also actively works on new designs, to bring a better VR experience to their customers.

Coming soon

Of course there are many other great VR glasses as well. We're already working on a way to make Optonaut work with products like the amazing Samsung Gear VR or the famous Oculus Rift. More on this soon.